$2500 - UP
UTV Takeover @ Boxcar                                              

                        $1000 - $2499

​UTV Invasion 

Florence Yamaha

NorthWest Sand Deuces

$250 - $999

Fullerton Sand Sports
Bay Area Yamaha
Pacific Northwest 4 Wheel Drive Assoc.
Parkers ATV & Cycle
Honeyman Nursery & Landscaping
Dunestar Racing
Temporary Insandity
Cascade Innovations
Honda World
Salem Sand Club

Northwest Raptor Rally 2016

$0 - $249
Oregon Motorsports

Rainbow light Rods


$500 - UP
(None Yet)

$200 - $499
Mary Cardenas

Gary & Brenda Giffin
Eric & Kristin Nichols
Matthew & Diana Tomseth

$50 - $199
Russell & Colleen Romero
Thomas Shoop
Ronald Shoop
Richard White
Lance & Margaret Schiedler
Robert Fowler
Sean Casey
Jim & Nikkie McIntire
Chris Muller
Barry & Patti Stillman
Paul McDowell
Cathy Chrenka
Craig & Tami Hawkins
Leo Cox
Jennifer Matlock
Terry Schultz
Samuel Hamilton
Chad DeMeyer
Gary & Cindy Prahl
Jerry & Camille Wood
William & Karen Sigman
Tom & Kathryn Tuttle

$0 - $49
Cindy Duff
Kevin Maillard
Barry McCoy
Don Bement

This list is through Dec. 2015, so if you don't see your name and you have partnered with STRD, please contact us on FB or by email and we will gladly add your name


NorthWest Sand Deuces - Pledge ($5000)
Temporary Insandity - Pledge ($2500)

A Line In The Sand
American Sand Association
Bad Gurlz Grafx
Barbara Martin Bookkeeping
Bedrock's Pizza
Bettandorff Farms
Black Label Motorsports
Big Tent Rentals
Blue Ribbon Coalition
Coast Trophies
Cottage Grove Yamaha
Craz E Dealz
Deschutes 4x4 Club
Devious Powersports
Dirt-N-Dunes Photography
Discovery Point RV Park
DTR Racing
Dunestar Racing
Eastside Harley-Davidson
Florence Dunes Café
Florence Motorsports
Florence Safeway
Florence Sportsman
Florence Yamaha
Fullerton Sand Sports
Guaranty RV
Inerseshen Creative Media
Motorsports Of Florence
Odd Fellows Campground
Oregon Motorsports 2000
Parkers ATV & Cycle
Power Yamaha Motorsports
Pro Caliber
Red Artworks
Salem Sand Club
Shipp'n Shack
SSV Works
Team Meyer Media
UTV Guide
Whip-It Light Rods
Whispering Pines Funeral Home
Yamaha Sports Plaza
Yockim Law


Honorary: Monty Severance Memorial 

​Honorary: Andrew Davis Memorial Fund

Del & Stacie Albright
Don Amador
Chris Arnett
Brandon & Kate Bretl
Jeremy Conway
Mark Conway
Eric Cowan
Jon Crowley
Joe & Brenda Culley
Jesse & Shandie Davenport
Randy & Mona Drake
Sonja Enloe
Tim Gantz
Jeff Hausmann
Craig & Tami Hawkins
Dave Kuskie
Aaron Larson
Chris Leach
Gary & Carol Leif
Ethan Lodwig
George MacDougall
Scott & Julie Miller
Larry Minkler
Lindy Minten
Joni Monstad
Loren Morrell
Patrick & Heidi Murphy
J P Nye
C Jodi Phillips
Lance & Barbara Rowland
Cindy Severance
Collin Summers
Tom Tobey
Janis Tramel
Laurence VanHoof
Steven Vogel
Richard White
Monte Yancy

And Special Thanks to:

Jerry Ingersoll - USFS
Angie Morris - USFS
Carl Bauer - USFS
Shane Gill - USFS
Sarah Peters - 


​"Protecting our riding rights on our                  Public Lands"