• “No Purchase Necessary” • “Void where prohibited” • Eligible to all ages.

• Name Contest suggestions begin 2/1/17 to 2/15/17 5pmPST with voting via likes on

Facebook beginning 2/16/17 to 3/1/17 5pm PST with the winner announced 3/2/17 9amPST

• This contest is held exclusively on Facebook social media.

• The winner of the contest will be awarded a STRD hoodie sweatshirt in choice of size.

• Judging criteria will be reviewed by the STRD Board of Directors. The final selections will

be placed on facebook for a vote of “likes” to determine the winner.

• Publicity rights regarding use of Winner’s information (Sponsor should obtain written

consent from Entrant to ensure compliance with state laws)

• Records for the promotional campaign will be maintained for 2 years.

Pictured below are the two areas that need named....    The one previously identified as Rowland cut  and the area identified as newly opened......